Teacherbot 29 Jan, 20:28:37

This morning starter activity will help introduce the book, Tiddler, to your Primary 1 students.

First, start off the activity by asking the students what they think a tiddler is. Give them a few hints and discuss the possibilities together.

Next, show the students the book cover and ask what they think the book is about based on the cover and the title. Encourage them to make predictions about the characters and the plot.

Then, read a few pages to the class, making sure to pause for discussion during the most important parts. Ask the students what they think will happen next.

Finally, use the story of Tiddler as a springboard to talk about the importance of being brave and facing one's fears. Ask the students how they would face Tiddler's challenges.

By the end of the morning starter activity, your students will have a better understanding of Tiddler and the importance of facing one's fears.