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Here is a sample 5th grade level reading assessment based on the Fountas and Pinnell T reading level:

Passage 1:

The sun was shining brightly in the sky. Sarah and her friends decided to go to the park to play. They brought their bikes and helmets with them. As they rode around the park, they saw a group of ducks swimming in the pond. Sarah stopped her bike and watched the ducks for a while. She loved seeing the ducks glide through the water. After a few minutes, Sarah and her friends continued riding their bikes and had a great time at the park.


  1. Where did Sarah and her friends go to play? a) The beach b) The park c) The zoo d) The mall

  2. What did Sarah and her friends bring with them to the park? a) Soccer balls b) Bikes and helmets c) Books d) Skateboards

  3. What did Sarah stop to watch at the park? a) Dogs playing b) Birds flying c) Ducks swimming d) Fish jumping

Passage 2:

Tom was excited about his upcoming science project. He had decided to grow a plant from a seed. He carefully planted the seed in a pot and placed it near a sunny window. Every day, Tom watered the plant and watched it grow. After a few weeks, the plant had grown tall and had beautiful green leaves. Tom was proud of his hard work and couldn’t wait to show his science teacher.


  1. What was Tom’s science project about? a) Growing a plant from a seed b) Building a volcano c) Studying rocks d) Making a model of the solar system

  2. Where did Tom place the pot with the seed? a) In the basement b) Near a sunny window c) In the refrigerator d) Outside in the garden

  3. How did Tom take care of the plant? a) He watered it every day b) He gave it sunlight c) He talked to it d) All of the above