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Here is a sample 5th grade level reading assessment based on the Fountas and Pinnell U reading level:

Passage 1:

The sun was shining brightly in the sky. Sarah and her friends decided to go to the park to play. They brought their bikes and helmets with them. As they rode around the park, they saw a group of ducks swimming in the pond. Sarah stopped her bike and watched the ducks for a while. Then, she joined her friends in a game of tag. They had so much fun playing together.

  1. Where did Sarah and her friends go to play? a) School b) Library c) Park d) Beach

  2. What did Sarah and her friends bring with them to the park? a) Books b) Toys c) Bikes and helmets d) Food

  3. What did Sarah do when she saw the ducks? a) Continued riding her bike b) Joined her friends in a game of tag c) Stopped her bike and watched the ducks d) Fed the ducks

Passage 2:

Tom was excited about his upcoming birthday party. He invited all his friends to come celebrate with him. His mom helped him plan the party and they decided to have it at a local bowling alley. On the day of the party, Tom’s friends arrived with presents and smiles on their faces. They played several games of bowling and enjoyed delicious pizza and cake. Tom felt so lucky to have such great friends.

  1. What was Tom excited about? a) Going to school b) His birthday party c) Going on a vacation d) Playing video games

  2. Where did Tom have his birthday party? a) Park b) Bowling alley c) Movie theater d) Restaurant

  3. What did Tom and his friends do at the party? a) Played video games b) Went swimming c) Played bowling games d) Watched a movie

Passage 3:

Emily loved to read books. She spent hours at the library, exploring different genres and finding new stories to enjoy. Her favorite books were adventure stories, where characters went on exciting journeys and faced challenges. Emily would often imagine herself as the main character, going on her own adventures. Reading made her feel like she was part of a magical world.

  1. What did Emily love to do? a) Play sports b) Watch movies c) Read books d) Draw pictures

  2. What were Emily’s favorite books? a) Mystery stories b) Science fiction stories c) Adventure stories d) Poetry books

  3. How did reading make Emily feel? a) Bored b) Excited c) Sad d) Angry

Please note that this is just a sample assessment and may not accurately reflect the actual Fountas and Pinnell U reading level assessment.