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  1. Dance is a form of expression that (1. to involve) both the body and the mind. It (2. to be) a universal language that (3. to transcend) cultural barriers and (4. to bring) people together. There are various styles of dance, each (5. to have) its own unique characteristics and movements.

  2. One popular style of dance is ballet, which (6. to require) grace, strength, and flexibility. Ballet dancers (7. to spend) hours practicing their technique and (8. to strive) for perfection in every movement. The dancers (9. to wear) elegant costumes and (10. to perform) on a stage accompanied by classical music.

  3. Another style of dance that (11. to gain) popularity in recent years is hip-hop. Hip-hop dancers (12. to showcase) their creativity and individuality through energetic and dynamic movements. They (13. to incorporate) elements of street dance and freestyle into their routines, often (14. to perform) to hip-hop music.

  4. Dance (15. to not only be) a form of entertainment but also (16. to have) numerous health benefits. It (17. to improve) cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and coordination. Moreover, dancing (18. to release) endorphins, which (19. to promote) a sense of happiness and well-being.

  5. Whether it (20. to be) a professional dancer or someone who (21. to enjoy) dancing as a hobby, the joy and passion that (22. to come) from moving to the rhythm of music (23. to be) undeniable. So, let’s put on our dancing shoes and (24. to embrace) the beauty and joy of dance!