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  1. Play the “Digestive System Jeopardy” game. This game tests students’ knowledge of the anatomy and functions of the digestive system. The questions and answers can be written on flashcards. To make it even more fun and interactive, students can compete in teams or in pairs.

  2. Create a “Digestive System Puzzle”. Cut up large printed images of the digestive system into several different pieces and have the students put them together. This will help them to better visualize and gain a better understanding of the digestive system.

  3. Have a “Digestive System Lab”. Offer students the opportunity to observe the digestive system in action through simple experiments or activities. For example, have students make a model of the stomach using baking soda and vinegar to simulate acid. Or, take a look at actual sample foods and discuss nutritional labels.

  4. Make a “Digestive System Movie”. Have the students work in groups to write and act out skits or make films discussing the different parts of the digestive system, how each of them works, and the importance of good nutrition.

  5. Have a “Digestive System Quiz”. This can include both written and oral questions about the different parts of the digestive system, its roles and its importance.

  6. Play the “Digestive System Relay Race”. Choose two teams and select an appropriate course in the classroom or outside on the playground. Cut out or draw images of the organs of the digestive system and scatter them on the course. The first team to rearrange the organs in the correct order wins.