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  1. What is the main topic of the passage? - The main topic of the passage is an earthquake that occurred in Virginia.

  2. What is the magnitude of the Virginia earthquake? - The magnitude of the Virginia earthquake was 5.8.

  3. How did people near the center of the earthquake describe the shaking? - People near the center of the earthquake described the shaking as sounding like a train roaring to a stop, with the ground heaving and buildings swaying.

  4. What needed to be checked for damage after the earthquake? - After the earthquake, everything needed to be checked for damage, including schools, government buildings, roads, bridges, train tracks, airports, and even a nuclear power plant.

  5. What causes earthquakes? - Earthquakes are caused by the shifting of huge rocks deep underground, called plates. When these plates crack or break apart, the ground above shakes.

  6. Which part of the United States has a long fault that is very active? - Most of California has a long fault that is very active, resulting in more earthquakes happening there than in other parts of the country.

  7. How was the Virginia earthquake different from most earthquakes? - The Virginia earthquake was unusual because it happened in the middle of a plate instead of along a major fault. The energy created by the Virginia quake also traveled farther than most quakes in the West.

  8. Why is it important to be prepared for earthquakes? - Earthquakes are dangerous, so it is important to know what to do in an earthquake no matter where you live. Being prepared can help ensure safety during an earthquake.

  9. List three things you should do during an earthquake. - During an earthquake, you should find shelter under a table, desk, or other sturdy object, stay away from windows or anything that might fall, and cover your head until the shaking stops.

  10. What should you not do during an earthquake? - During an earthquake, you should not go outside until it is over and should not use elevators.