Carrie and Nick go to war-torn Wales; they meet Mrs Gotobed, who is kind and generous. Aunt Louise is strange, and Carrie and Albert start to be friends. Carrie's illness provides her security.

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Active Literacy main ideas questions on chapter 1 of the novel Carrie's War by Nina Bawden for a Primary 7 class.

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1. What are the main themes of Chapter 1 of Carrie's War?
2. How does the character of Carrie feel when she arrives in Wales?
3. What does Carrie learn about her new home when she meets Mrs Gotobed?
4. How has the evacuation of wartime London changed the lives of Carrie, her brother Nick and their friend Albert?
5. What strange behaviour is displayed by Carrie's Aunt Louise?
6. In what ways is Mrs Gotobed a kind and generous host?
7. What marks the start of an unlikely friendship between Carrie and Albert?
8. In what way does Carrie's ill health provide her with a measure of security and comfort?