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Students will be able to identify, create and analyze op art designs.

- Drawing paper
- Colored pencils or markers
- Example op art designs

1. Explain what op art is. "Op art is a style of art that uses geometric shapes and bright contrasting colors to create abstract optical illusions. It can make a simple design look complex and use techniques like color, line and perspective to create the illusion of movement."
2. Show a few examples of op art designs to the students. Ask them to analyze the artwork and look for the specific techniques used in the design.
3. Ask the students to choose a simple geometric shape, such as a triangle, square, or circle, and draw it on a piece of drawing paper.
4. Ask the students to use bright contrasting colors to fill in the shape with a pattern, using different colors for each line.
5. Ask the students to draw around the shape multiple times, using a different light color each time. (Optional: Ask them to add some white or black dots inside the shape).
6. Ask the students to analyze their artwork, looking for specific techniques used, such as color, line, and perspective.
7. Ask the students to talk about their artwork and explain the specific techniques they used.
8. Ask the students to share their artwork with the class.