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In an AP Government and Politics class, you can expect to learn about the structure and functions of the United States government, as well as the political processes and institutions that shape American politics. Here are some common expectations for this class:

  1. In-depth understanding of the Constitution: You will study the principles and foundations of the U.S. Constitution, including the separation of powers, federalism, and individual rights. You will analyze landmark Supreme Court cases and their impact on constitutional interpretation.

  2. Knowledge of political institutions: You will explore the roles and functions of the three branches of government (executive, legislative, and judicial) and their interactions. This includes understanding the powers and limitations of each branch, as well as the checks and balances system.

  3. Examination of political behavior: You will study the behavior of individuals, interest groups, and political parties in the American political system. This includes analyzing voting patterns, campaign strategies, and the influence of money in politics.

  4. Understanding of public policy: You will examine the policy-making process, including how policies are formulated, implemented, and evaluated. You will analyze specific policy areas such as healthcare, education, and the environment.

  5. Critical thinking and analysis: You will develop skills in analyzing political events, interpreting data, and evaluating arguments. You will be expected to engage in class discussions, debates, and written assignments that require you to think critically about political issues.

  6. Exam preparation: As an AP class, you will likely be preparing for the AP Government and Politics exam. This may involve practice exams, review sessions, and test-taking strategies to help you succeed on the exam.

Overall, the expectations for an AP Government and Politics class involve gaining a comprehensive understanding of the American political system, developing critical thinking skills, and preparing for the AP exam.