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Students will develop observational drawing skills, explore charcoal as a medium, and gain knowledge of the work of Matisse.

-Drawing paper
-Art reference images of Matisse's work
-Paper towels or rags
-A shallow container of water
-Masking tape

Medium, texture, value, contrast, mark-making

1. Introduce the artist Matisse and discuss some of his work.
2. Show the students art reference images of his work. Ask them to think about what they notice in the composition, values, and textures of the pieces.
3. Explain how the charcoal will be used, including the concept of light and dark values and how to create texture with the medium.
4. Demonstrate techniques like stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, and blending with a paper towel.
5. Have the students tape their drawing paper onto a hard surface like a table with masking tape.
6. Provide them with charcoal, paper towels, and a container of water. Demonstrate how to use the water to blend their charcoal and create a smoother finish.
7. Have the students draw a still life of an object or set up a still life with objects or other art reference images of Matisse's work.
8. Encourage them to empathize with the techniques previously discussed and use them in their artwork.
9. Evaluate each drawing. Invite students to share their artwork, process, and techniques.
10. Discuss the work of Matisse and ask the students to identify the techniques they used in their artwork and compare the results to his work.