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Materials Needed:
-Basic printing blocks
-Scrap paper

1. Begin by discussing the theme of birds and explain to the students that they will be creating a collaborative piece of art by using the printmaking and collage techniques. This art lesson can be a great way to explore the theme of birds in a creative way.
2. Pass out a piece of paper to each student and have them decide what kind of bird they want to draw on their paper. Encourage the students to be creative with their birds and allow them to include other elements such as flowers or leaves.
3. After the students have drawn their bird, have them carefully trace the outlines of the drawing onto a piece of printing block.
4. Show the students how to apply a thin layer of paint to their block and then print the bird onto a sheet of paper. Let them experiment as they like to combine different colors and textures.
5. After the bird is printed onto the paper, provide the students with a variety of colored paper and have them cut out elements such as feathers, beaks and wings to create a collage that they can attach to their bird.
6. Finally, have the students cover the completed birds with glue and adhere them onto a larger sheet of white paper. This will create a collaborative piece of art that everyone can be proud of.