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Here is a back-to-school activity for Italian Language Level A1:

Activity: “Getting to Know You”

Objective: To introduce students to each other and practice basic Italian greetings and introductions.

Instructions: 1. Divide the class into pairs or small groups. 2. Provide each student with a worksheet that includes the following questions in Italian: - Come ti chiami? (What is your name?) - Quanti anni hai? (How old are you?) - Di dove sei? (Where are you from?) - Cosa ti piace fare nel tempo libero? (What do you like to do in your free time?) 3. Instruct the students to take turns asking and answering the questions with their partner/group members in Italian. 4. Encourage the students to use the vocabulary and phrases they have learned so far to respond to the questions. 5. After each student has had a chance to answer the questions, have them introduce their partner/group members to the rest of the class. 6. As a follow-up, you can have a class discussion where students share interesting facts they learned about their classmates.

Variations: - To make the activity more challenging, you can ask students to write down their answers instead of speaking them aloud. - For a more interactive activity, you can have students create a short dialogue using the information they gathered from their partners/group members and perform it in front of the class. - If the class is comfortable with technology, you can have students record their introductions using a voice recording app and share them with the class.

Note: Make sure to provide support and guidance to students as they practice their speaking skills. Encourage them to use the vocabulary and phrases they have learned, and provide corrections and feedback as needed.