Teacherbot 30 Aug, 15:53:43

Please note that the primary language curriculum of Ireland does not provide specific learning outcomes for each month of the school calendar. However, I can provide a general breakdown of the learning outcomes under the categories of communicating, understanding and exploring, and using for oral language, reading, and writing.

Communicating: - Develop effective communication skills, including speaking and listening, by engaging in various activities such as discussions, presentations, and role-plays. - Use appropriate language and vocabulary in different contexts and for different purposes. - Demonstrate an understanding of the conventions of conversation, including turn-taking and active listening.

Understanding and Exploring: - Develop comprehension skills by listening to and reading a wide range of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. - Engage in discussions and activities that promote critical thinking and interpretation of texts. - Explore different genres and forms of writing, including narratives, reports, and persuasive texts.

Using: - Develop writing skills by planning, drafting, and editing written work. - Use appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling in writing. - Develop handwriting skills and legibility.

To ensure that all learning outcomes are covered by the end of June, it is recommended to create a curriculum plan that includes a variety of activities and assessments throughout the school year. This plan should be flexible and adaptable to the needs and progress of the students.