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Term: 1st Term 2023/2024

Subject: Technology

Grade Level: __

Week 1: Topic: Introduction to Technology - Understanding the concept of technology - Types of technology - Importance of technology in everyday life

Week 2: Topic: Basic Computer Skills - Introduction to computer hardware and software - Parts of a computer system - Basic computer operations (turning on/off, using a mouse and keyboard)

Week 3: Topic: Internet and Online Safety - Introduction to the internet and its uses - Safe internet browsing practices - Cybersecurity and protecting personal information online

Week 4: Topic: Introduction to Coding - Understanding the basics of coding - Introduction to programming languages (e.g., Scratch, Python) - Creating simple programs and animations

Week 5: Topic: Digital Citizenship - Understanding digital citizenship and its importance - Responsible use of technology and online platforms - Ethical considerations in the digital world

Week 6: Topic: Introduction to Robotics - Understanding the basics of robotics - Components of a robot - Introduction to programming robots

Week 7: Topic: Multimedia and Graphic Design - Introduction to multimedia and its applications - Basics of graphic design - Creating simple multimedia projects (e.g., presentations, posters)

Week 8: Topic: Introduction to Electronics - Understanding the basics of electronics - Components of an electronic circuit - Building simple electronic circuits

Week 9: Topic: Introduction to 3D Printing - Understanding the basics of 3D printing - Applications of 3D printing - Creating simple 3D models and printing them

Week 10: Topic: Technology and Society - Impact of technology on society - Ethical considerations in technology development and use - Future trends in technology

Note: This is a general outline for a scheme of work for the 1st term of the 2023/2024 academic year. The specific grade level and curriculum requirements may vary, so it is important to adapt and modify the topics and activities to suit the needs of the students and the curriculum guidelines.