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1. Science Leader: A science leader is responsible for leading the science enquiry and ensuring that everyone is working together effectively. They may help to plan the investigation, assign roles to team members, and oversee the progress of the project.

2. Vocabulary Ninja: A vocabulary ninja is responsible for helping the team to understand and use scientific vocabulary correctly. They may research and provide definitions for key terms, create flashcards or other study aids, and quiz team members on their understanding of the vocabulary.

3. Recorder: A recorder is responsible for documenting the investigation and recording data. They may take notes during experiments, record measurements and observations, and organize data into tables or graphs.

4. Researcher: A researcher is responsible for gathering information and background knowledge on the topic being investigated. They may read books, articles, or other sources of information, conduct online research, and interview experts in the field. Their findings will help to inform the investigation and guide the team's approach.