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Sure! Here’s an activity called “Alphabet Scavenger Hunt”:

Objective: To practice identifying and recognizing letters of the alphabet.

Materials needed: - Alphabet flashcards or printed letters (one set per student or group) - Timer or stopwatch - Worksheet or paper for recording answers

Instructions: 1. Divide the students into pairs or small groups. 2. Give each group a set of alphabet flashcards or printed letters. 3. Explain that they will be going on an alphabet scavenger hunt. 4. Set a timer for a specific time limit (e.g., 5 minutes). 5. Instruct the students to find objects or items in the classroom or school that start with each letter of the alphabet. 6. They should match the objects or items they find with the corresponding letter flashcard or printed letter. 7. Encourage them to be creative and think outside the box (e.g., “A” for apple, “B” for book, “C” for clock, etc.). 8. Remind them to record their findings on the worksheet or paper. 9. Once the time is up, gather the students and review their answers together. 10. Award points or small prizes to the group that found the most objects or items for each letter. 11. Repeat the activity with a different set of letters or flashcards, if desired.

Variations: - For advanced students, you can make it more challenging by asking them to find objects or items that contain the letter in the middle or at the end of the word. - Instead of using flashcards or printed letters, students can take turns writing the letters they find on the worksheet or paper. - To make it a competitive activity, have multiple groups compete against each other to find the most objects or items within the given time limit.