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Sure! Here’s an introductory worksheet for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students who have never studied English before:

Title: Introduction to English

Instructions: 1. Write your name: ___________

  1. Match the English alphabet letters with their corresponding sounds: a. __ /æ/ b. __ /b/ c. __ /k/ d. __ /d/ e. __ /i/ f. __ /f/ g. __ /g/ h. __ /h/ i. __ /j/ j. __ /l/ k. __ /m/ l. __ /n/ m. __ /p/ n. __ /r/ o. __ /s/ p. __ /t/ q. __ /u/ r. __ /v/ s. __ /w/ t. __ /z/

  2. Fill in the missing vowels: a. c__t b. d__g c. p__n d. b__d e. c__p f. f__sh

  3. Match the words with their corresponding pictures: a. Cat __ b. Dog __ c. Book __ d. Sun __ e. Tree __ f. Fish __

  4. Write the numbers in English: a. 1 b. 5 c. 10 d. 3 e. 7 f. 2

  5. Complete the sentences with the correct pronoun (he, she, or it): a. __ is a doctor. b. __ is my sister. c. __ is a cat. d. __ is a teacher. e. ___ is a car.

  6. Write the days of the week in order: ___________

  7. Write the months of the year in order: ___________

  8. Write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) introducing yourself. Include your name, age, nationality, and one thing you like to do.

  9. Bonus: Write down any questions you have about the English language or anything you would like to learn in future lessons.

Note: This worksheet is designed as a starting point for ESOL students who have never studied English before. It covers basic alphabet sounds, vocabulary, numbers, pronouns, and introduces personal information. Feel free to modify or add more exercises based on the specific needs and level of your students.