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Sure! Here’s a lesson plan for exploring the Iron Age for a Year 3 class:

Title: Exploring the Iron Age Subject: History Duration: 60 minutes

Objective: - To introduce students to the Iron Age and its significance in history. - To develop students’ understanding of the tools, weapons, and daily life during the Iron Age.

Materials: - Pictures or illustrations of Iron Age artifacts and tools - Whiteboard or flipchart - Markers - Paper and pencils for students

Lesson Plan:

  1. Starter (10 minutes): - Display pictures or illustrations of Iron Age artifacts and tools on the whiteboard. - Ask students to observe the pictures and discuss what they notice about the objects. - Prompt questions such as: What do you think these objects were used for? How do they differ from the tools we use today?

  2. Teaching Element (15 minutes): - Explain to the students that the Iron Age was a period in history when people started using iron to make tools and weapons. - Discuss the significance of the Iron Age and how it marked a major advancement in technology and daily life. - Show more pictures or illustrations of Iron Age tools and weapons, explaining their purposes and how they were made. - Use the whiteboard to write down key points and vocabulary related to the Iron Age.

  3. Task (25 minutes): - Divide the class into small groups. - Provide each group with a set of pictures or illustrations of Iron Age tools and artifacts. - In their groups, students should discuss and identify the tools, weapons, and artifacts, and write down their names and possible uses. - Encourage students to think about how these tools might have improved people’s lives during the Iron Age. - After completing their task, each group should present their findings to the class.

  4. Plenary (10 minutes): - Gather the class together and recap the key points discussed during the lesson. - Ask students to share their thoughts on how the Iron Age tools and artifacts differ from those used today. - Discuss the impact of the Iron Age on human civilization and how it paved the way for future advancements. - Conclude the lesson by highlighting the importance of studying history to understand the progress of human society.

Extension Activity: - For further exploration, students can create their own Iron Age tools or artifacts using clay or other craft materials. - They can also research and write short paragraphs about a specific Iron Age tool or weapon, explaining its purpose and significance.

Note: Adjust the timing of each section according to your class’s needs and the available lesson time.