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Slide 1: Introduction - Title: Materials - Welcome to the world of materials! - Materials are things that we use to make different objects. - Let’s learn about some materials together!

Slide 2: Natural Materials - Title: Natural Materials - Picture of a tree (wood) - Picture of a stone - Picture of a cotton plant (cotton) - Picture of a sheep (wool) - Picture of clay

Slide 3: Wood - Title: Wood - Picture of a wooden chair - Picture of a wooden table - Picture of a wooden toy

Slide 4: Stone - Title: Stone - Picture of a stone wall - Picture of a stone sculpture

Slide 5: Cotton - Title: Cotton - Picture of a cotton shirt - Picture of a cotton pillow - Picture of a cotton towel

Slide 6: Wool - Title: Wool - Picture of a woolen sweater - Picture of a woolen hat - Picture of a woolen blanket

Slide 7: Man-Made Materials - Title: Man-Made Materials - Picture of plastic toys - Picture of a glass bottle - Picture of a nylon bag

Slide 8: Plastic - Title: Plastic - Picture of plastic cups - Picture of plastic containers - Picture of plastic toys

Slide 9: Glass - Title: Glass - Picture of a glass window - Picture of a glass bottle - Picture of a glass cup

Slide 10: Nylon - Title: Nylon - Picture of a nylon bag - Picture of a nylon rope - Picture of a nylon jacket

Slide 11: Conclusion - Title: Let’s Recap! - Review of natural materials (wood, stone, cotton, wool, clay) - Review of man-made materials (plastic, glass, nylon) - Materials are all around us and help us make many things!

Slide 12: Thank You! - Title: Thank You! - Picture of children saying thank you - Any additional message or closing remarks

Note: Please remember to add appropriate transitions, animations, and any other visual elements to make the presentation engaging for 5-year-olds.