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  • DROP SHOTS Use drop shots to catch your opponent off guard and force them to move quickly to the front of the court.
  • LOB SHOTS Use lob shots to push your opponent to the back of the court and create space for yourself to attack.
  • VOLLEYS Take advantage of opportunities to volley the shuttlecock and put pressure on your opponent.
  • NET PLAY Be aggressive at the net and try to intercept your opponent’s shots to gain control of the rally.
  • DEFENSIVE PLAY If you are under pressure, focus on retrieving the shuttlecock and keeping it in play until you have an opportunity to attack.
  • FITNESS AND ENDURANCE Maintain a high level of fitness and endurance to outlast your opponent and continue applying pressure throughout the match.
  • MENTAL STRATEGY Stay focused and mentally strong throughout the match, adapting your tactics as needed and staying calm under pressure.