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As a teacher, I will begin by reviewing Parts 1-2 and previewing Part 3 with the students. I will ask the children to recall questions they can ask about characters in a story. Then, I will direct them to turn to page 47 in their Student Books. I will explain to the students that I will guide them through this page.

Next, I will revisit the story “My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother” and ask the children to briefly retell the story using pages 11-14 of their Student Books. I will then guide the children to describe the characters in the story. I will tell them that as they listen to this part of the story, they will ask questions about what Richie and Treesha do and say, and use this evidence to identify how they feel about each other. I will read aloud pages 18-21 of the story and prompt the children as I read.

I will ask questions such as: - “What does Richie say about rhubarb at first on page 18?” - “What does Treesha do, and why, on page 19?” - “What does Richie say about rhubarb now on page 20?” - “What does Treesha say about how she feels about Richie on page 21?”

I will explain to the students that rhubarb tastes very sour, like lemon, so it would be hard to eat a lot of it at once. I will share that not everyone likes eating sour foods, but Treesha does, and she thinks Richie doesn’t.

Afterwards, I will guide the children to write responses. I will read aloud each question on the Student Book page and use the hints to help the children answer the questions. We will discuss the answers as a class and then have the children write them in complete sentences.

To further describe the relationship between the main characters and help prepare the children for the Turn and Talk activity, we will engage in a Close Reading activity. I will guide the children to look closer at what Richie and Treesha say to each other in this part of the story. I will read aloud page 21, emphasizing the tone of Richie and Treesha’s words. Then, I will prompt the students with questions such as: - “Why does Treesha call her brother by his full name here?” - “Why is it important that the author used the word ‘screamed’?” - “What does the phrase ‘little twerp’ tell you about the way Richie feels about Treesha?”

We will discuss how this evidence tells us more about the way Richie and Treesha feel about each other.

Finally, I will have the children demonstrate their understanding by having partners engage in the Turn and Talk activity. I will remind the children to use evidence from the Close Reading discussion to support their ideas. I will then invite volunteers to share their answers with the class.