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1. In Agrabah, a merchant has 6 bags of apples and 4 bags of oranges. How many bags of fruit does he have altogether?

2. Aladdin gave Jasmine 10 jewels from the Cave of Wonders. He took 5 jewels home for his mom. How many jewels does Aladdin still have?

3. Abu the monkey used Genie’s magic to become bigger and heavier. He’s now 6kg. Before his adventure he weighed 4kg. How much did Abu gain in weight?

4. Genie gave Jasmine three wishes and then granted her two moremaking it a total of five. How many wishes did Genie give Jasmine?

5. Jafar gave Aladdin a bag of coins with 7 pieces. He used 3 coins to buy an ice cream and then gave the rest to his friend. How many coins did Aladdin have left to give his friend?

6. Rajah the tiger is 8 years old. If he was 3 years old when Aladdin found him, how many years has he been with him?

7. Jasmine has 9 carpets in her palace. Rajah has 5 carpets. How many carpets do Jasmine and Rajah have together?

8. Alibaba has 4 lamps and Jafar has 3. How many lamps do they have in total?

9. Genie has travelled for 880 years, and he will stay in Agrabah for 10 years. How long has Genie been travelling in total?

10. Aladdin has 64 rubies from the Cave of Wonders. He gives Jasmine half and then he keeps half of the remainder. How many rubies does Aladdin have in the end?