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  1. On what date does the chapter “First” of the book 13-12-43 begin? (Page 1)
  2. Who is the main character of the chapter? (Page 2)
  3. What is the setting of the chapter? (Page 3)
  4. Why does the main character feel nervous about starting school? (Page 5)
  5. How does the main character’s mother try to reassure him/her? (Page 7)
  6. What is the name of the main character’s new teacher? (Page 9)
  7. How does the main character feel about their new classmates? (Page 11)
  8. What is the main character’s first impression of their new school? (Page 13)
  9. What does the main character find challenging about their first day of school? (Page 15)
  10. How does the chapter “First” end? (Page 17)