Teacherbot 28 Aug, 11:33:13
  1. On what page does Tom Sawyer first appear in the book?
  2. What is Tom’s relationship with his Aunt Polly? (Page 10)
  3. Why does Tom have to whitewash the fence? (Page 12)
  4. How does Tom convince his friends to help him whitewash the fence? (Page 14)
  5. What does Tom do to get out of going to school? (Page 18)
  6. Who is Becky Thatcher, and why is she important to Tom? (Page 22)
  7. What is the “witching hour,” and why is it significant in the story? (Page 26)
  8. How does Tom manage to get out of trouble after tearing his pants? (Page 30)
  9. What does Tom witness in the graveyard that scares him? (Page 34)
  10. How does Tom’s adventure in the graveyard affect his behavior afterwards? (Page 38)