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  1. What does James’s Aunt Sponge do when James arrives home from the shop? (Aunt Sponge gives him a beating.)
  2. How does James feel when he steps into the giant peach? (He felt relieved and safe.)
  3. What is the Old Man’s job? (He is a magician who shrinks James’s parents and works in a carnival.)
  4. How did the peach grow so gigantic? (The Old Man sprinkled a magic powder on the tree, which made it suddenly grow a giant peach.)
  5. What did the Old Man give James before he shrunk his parents? (He gave James a bag of magical green crystals.)
  6. How does James end up travelling with the giant peach? (The peach rolls off down the hill, with James inside, and across the countryside.)
  7. Who are the characters that James meets on his journey? (He meets the Old-Green-Grasshopper, Ladybug, Silkworm, Earthworm, Centipede, Glow-worm, and Spider.)
  8. What amazing things happen when the insects start singing together? (The sea breaks apart and a bridge of stones appears, so that the Peach can cross.)
  9. What are the peach children’s plans to reach the Empire State Building? (They plan to fire the Peach with a special sling, using Catapults and Bungee ropes.)
  10. How does Aunt Sponge react when she sees James in the giant peach? (She is furious and angry, and the Peach takes off before she can do anything.)