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  1. On what page does the story of “The Whale Rider” begin?
  2. Who is the main character of the story? (page 5)
  3. What is the name of the Maori tribe that the story is set in? (page 8)
  4. Describe the relationship between Koro and Paikea. (page 12)
  5. What is the significance of the whale tooth that Koro finds? (page 18)
  6. How does Paikea prove her bravery and connection to the whales? (page 25)
  7. What is the traditional role of the first-born son in the Maori tribe? (page 32)
  8. How does Paikea’s grandmother, Nanny Flowers, support her throughout the story? (page 38)
  9. Describe the conflict between Koro and Paikea’s father, Porourangi. (page 45)
  10. How does Paikea’s determination and leadership qualities impact the tribe? (page 52)