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  1. On what page does Ally reveal that she has a secret she’s been hiding? (Page 3)
  2. What is the name of Ally’s new teacher? (Page 7)
  3. How does Ally describe her classmates on page 12?
  4. What does Ally’s teacher, Mr. Daniels, say about the word “yet” on page 18?
  5. On page 23, what does Ally compare her brain to?
  6. What does Ally’s mom do for a living? (Page 29)
  7. On page 34, what does Ally’s mom say about her dad’s job?
  8. What does Ally’s mom give her on page 41 to help her with her reading?
  9. On page 47, what does Ally say about her ability to draw?
  10. What does Ally’s mom say about her dad’s handwriting on page 52?