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  1. On what page does the story of Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah begin?
  2. What is the name of Shafana’s best friend? (Page 5)
  3. Why does Shafana feel conflicted about wearing the hijab? (Page 12)
  4. How does Aunt Sarrinah try to convince Shafana to wear the hijab? (Page 18)
  5. What is the significance of the blue hijab that Aunt Sarrinah gives to Shafana? (Page 23)
  6. How does Shafana’s mother react when she sees her wearing the hijab for the first time? (Page 29)
  7. What does Shafana’s father think about her decision to wear the hijab? (Page 35)
  8. How does Shafana’s relationship with her classmates change after she starts wearing the hijab? (Page 42)
  9. What does Shafana learn about her Aunt Sarrinah’s past during their conversation in the car? (Page 48)
  10. How does Shafana’s perspective on wearing the hijab evolve throughout the first three chapters? (Page 55)