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  1. On what page does the story of The Breadwinner begin?
  2. What is the main character’s name and how old is she? (page 3)
  3. Describe Parvana’s family and their living situation. (page 5)
  4. Why does Parvana have to disguise herself as a boy? (page 10)
  5. What is the significance of the blue dress that Parvana’s mother keeps hidden? (page 15)
  6. How does Parvana’s relationship with her sister, Nooria, change throughout the story? (page 20)
  7. What does Parvana discover about her father’s whereabouts? (page 25)
  8. How does Parvana’s family earn money after her father is taken away? (page 30)
  9. Describe the encounter between Parvana and the Taliban soldier. (page 35)
  10. How does Parvana’s perspective on education change throughout the first three chapters? (page 40)