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  1. On what page does Opal first meet the stray dog in the grocery store?
  2. What is the name of the town where Opal and her father move to? (Page 3)
  3. How does Opal describe the dog’s appearance when she first sees him? (Page 7)
  4. What does Opal name the dog? (Page 10)
  5. Why does Opal’s father allow her to keep the dog? (Page 15)
  6. What does Opal discover about the dog’s behavior when there is a thunderstorm? (Page 21)
  7. Who does Opal meet at the library and what does she learn about her? (Page 28)
  8. What does Opal learn about her mother from Gloria Dump? (Page 35)
  9. How does Opal help Miss Franny Block overcome her fear? (Page 42)
  10. What does Opal learn about the preacher’s past from Otis? (Page 49)