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  1. On what page does the chapter “Folk Music of Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand” begin?
  2. What are the three countries discussed in this chapter?
  3. What is the purpose of folk music in these countries? (Page 3)
  4. How is folk music passed down from generation to generation in these countries? (Page 5)
  5. What are some common instruments used in Indonesian folk music? (Page 8)
  6. Describe the role of music in Cambodian traditional ceremonies. (Page 12)
  7. How does Thai folk music differ from Indonesian and Cambodian folk music? (Page 15)
  8. What are some similarities between the folk music of these three countries? (Page 18)
  9. How has modernization affected traditional folk music in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand? (Page 21)
  10. What is the significance of preserving and promoting folk music in these countries? (Page 24)