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  1. On what page does the story of “Orgullo y prejuicio” begin?
  2. Who are the main characters introduced in Chapter 1? (page number)
  3. What is the Bennet family’s main concern in this chapter? (page number)
  4. How does Mr. Bennet react to Mrs. Bennet’s concerns? (page number)
  5. What is the relationship between Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy? (page number)
  6. Why does Mrs. Bennet want her daughters to meet Mr. Bingley? (page number)
  7. How does Elizabeth Bennet feel about Mr. Bingley? (page number)
  8. What is the social status of the Bennet family compared to Mr. Bingley’s? (page number)
  9. How does Mr. Bennet’s sarcastic humor affect his wife? (page number)
  10. What event is the Bennet family preparing for in this chapter? (page number)