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  1. On what page does the story introduce the main character, Bruno? (Page 1)

  2. What is the name of Bruno’s best friend, and where does he live? (Page 5)

  3. Why does Bruno’s family have to move from their home in Berlin? (Page 10)

  4. What does Bruno’s father do for a living, and why is it important? (Page 15)

  5. How does Bruno feel about his new home at “Out-With”? (Page 20)

  6. Who is Maria, and what is her role in Bruno’s new home? (Page 25)

  7. What does Bruno discover when he looks out of his bedroom window? (Page 30)

  8. How does Bruno feel about the people he sees outside the fence? (Page 35)

  9. What does Bruno’s mother tell him about the people on the other side of the fence? (Page 40)

  10. What does Bruno decide to do after his conversation with his mother? (Page 45)