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  1. On what page does Michael first discover Skellig in the garage?
  2. What does Michael find in Skellig’s pockets on page 120?
  3. How does Michael’s sister, Mina, describe Skellig’s appearance on page 125?
  4. What does Michael’s dad think Skellig might be on page 128?
  5. On page 132, what does Michael’s mom suggest they do with Skellig?
  6. What does Michael give Skellig to eat on page 136?
  7. On page 140, what does Michael’s dad find in the garage that surprises him?
  8. How does Michael’s baby sister react to Skellig on page 144?
  9. What does Michael’s dad do to help Skellig on page 148?
  10. On page 152, what does Michael’s mom say about Skellig’s wings?