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  1. On page 123, what is Cap’s initial reaction when he sees the modern school building for the first time?
  2. On page 128, why does Cap feel uncomfortable when he sees the students using their cell phones?
  3. On page 132, why does Cap decide to join the school’s basketball team?
  4. On page 137, how does Cap’s presence on the basketball team affect the other players?
  5. On page 142, why does Cap feel conflicted about his newfound popularity at school?
  6. On page 146, how does Cap’s relationship with Zach change throughout the chapter?
  7. On page 150, why does Cap decide to run for class president?
  8. On page 155, how does Cap’s campaign for class president differ from the other candidates’ campaigns?
  9. On page 160, why does Cap feel disappointed after winning the class president election?
  10. On page 165, how does Cap’s experience as class president help him grow as a person?