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  1. On page 32, why does Jackson think Crenshaw is not real?
  2. On page 38, why does Jackson’s mom get upset when she sees him talking to Crenshaw?
  3. On page 42, why does Jackson’s dad say they can’t afford to keep Crenshaw?
  4. On page 47, why does Jackson feel embarrassed when he sees his classmates at the food bank?
  5. On page 52, why does Jackson’s mom get a job at the grocery store?
  6. On page 57, why does Jackson feel guilty about asking his parents for a dog?
  7. On page 62, why does Jackson’s mom say they can’t have a dog?
  8. On page 68, why does Jackson feel frustrated when he sees Crenshaw again?
  9. On page 73, why does Jackson decide to sell his action figures?
  10. On page 79, why does Jackson feel relieved when his parents tell him they found a new place to live?