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  1. On page 45, why does Mr. Collins visit the Bennet family?
  2. What is Elizabeth’s initial impression of Mr. Darcy on page 52?
  3. On page 57, why does Mr. Bingley leave Netherfield?
  4. How does Elizabeth react when she receives Mr. Darcy’s letter on page 63?
  5. On page 68, why does Mr. Bennet refuse to give his consent for Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins?
  6. What is the significance of the conversation between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy at the Netherfield ball on page 72?
  7. On page 78, why does Mr. Wickham tell Elizabeth his version of the story regarding his relationship with Mr. Darcy?
  8. How does Elizabeth’s opinion of Mr. Darcy change after reading his letter on page 84?
  9. On page 89, why does Mr. Collins propose to Charlotte Lucas?
  10. What is the outcome of Jane’s visit to London on page 95?