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  1. On what page does Mary first discover the hidden door in the garden wall? (Page 47)

  2. What is the name of the robin that Mary befriends in the garden? (Page 56)

  3. How does Mary find the key to the secret garden? (Page 63)

  4. Who is the first person Mary tells about the secret garden? (Page 71)

  5. What does Mary find growing in the garden when she first enters it? (Page 79)

  6. What does Mary do to help Colin when he has a tantrum in the garden? (Page 86)

  7. What is the name of the boy who lives in the manor and becomes friends with Mary and Colin? (Page 92)

  8. What does Mary discover about her cousin Colin’s health condition? (Page 99)

  9. How does Mary convince Colin to come out of his room and explore the garden? (Page 105)

  10. What happens to the secret garden at the end of the book? (Page 112)