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  1. On page 10, what is the purpose of the telescreen in Winston’s apartment?
  2. How does Winston feel about the Party’s control over history? (page 34)
  3. Describe the role of the Thought Police in Oceania. (page 56)
  4. On page 78, what is the significance of Winston’s encounter with the old man in the prole district?
  5. How does Winston’s perception of Julia change throughout the novel? (page 92)
  6. On page 110, what is the purpose of the Ministry of Love in Oceania?
  7. Describe the concept of doublethink and provide an example from the book. (page 126)
  8. On page 142, why does Winston believe that the Party will never be overthrown?
  9. How does the character of O’Brien influence Winston’s beliefs and actions? (page 168)
  10. On page 198, what is the ultimate fate of Winston and Julia’s rebellion against the Party?