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  1. On what page does the story of “Orbiting Jupiter” begin?
  2. What is the name of the main character in the book? (Page 5)
  3. How old is Joseph when he first arrives at Stone Mountain? (Page 9)
  4. What is the name of Joseph’s daughter? (Page 17)
  5. Who is the first person to befriend Joseph at his new school? (Page 23)
  6. What is the name of the calf that Joseph helps deliver? (Page 34)
  7. What does Joseph do to protect his daughter from the bullies at school? (Page 42)
  8. What is the name of the teacher who helps Joseph with his schoolwork? (Page 57)
  9. What is the significance of the number “3” to Joseph? (Page 68)
  10. How does Joseph’s relationship with his foster family change throughout the book? (Page 82)