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  1. On what page does Yoon receive the jade bracelet as a gift? (Page 5)
  2. What is the name of Yoon’s grandmother? (Page 8)
  3. Why does Yoon’s father want her to wear the jade bracelet? (Page 12)
  4. What does Yoon’s grandmother teach her about the jade bracelet? (Page 15)
  5. On what page does Yoon lose the jade bracelet? (Page 20)
  6. How does Yoon feel when she realizes she lost the bracelet? (Page 23)
  7. Who helps Yoon find the jade bracelet? (Page 28)
  8. What does Yoon learn about the jade bracelet’s history? (Page 32)
  9. How does Yoon’s grandmother react when she sees the bracelet again? (Page 37)
  10. What lesson does Yoon learn from her experience with the jade bracelet? (Page 40)