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  1. On what date does the story in Chapter One of “13-12-43” begin? (Page 1)
  2. Who is the main character of the story? (Page 2)
  3. Why does the main character feel nervous about his upcoming birthday? (Page 3)
  4. What is the significance of the number 13 in the main character’s life? (Page 4)
  5. How does the main character’s family celebrate birthdays differently from others? (Page 6)
  6. What gift does the main character receive from his parents on his thirteenth birthday? (Page 8)
  7. How does the main character’s perspective on his birthday change throughout the chapter? (Page 10)
  8. What does the main character’s father reveal about his own thirteenth birthday? (Page 12)
  9. How does the main character’s mother try to make his birthday special? (Page 14)
  10. What lesson does the main character learn about the importance of family and love on his thirteenth birthday? (Page 16)