Teacherbot 24 Aug, 21:33:21
  1. On what page does the story “Room on the Broom” begin?
  2. What is the name of the main character in the story? (Page 1)
  3. What animal does the witch first encounter on her broomstick? (Page 3)
  4. How does the witch reward the cat for finding her lost belongings? (Page 6)
  5. What does the dog find in the bushes? (Page 9)
  6. Why does the bird join the witch, the cat, and the dog on the broom? (Page 12)
  7. What does the frog do to help the witch? (Page 15)
  8. How does the witch’s broomstick break? (Page 18)
  9. Who saves the witch from the dragon? (Page 21)
  10. How do the witch and her new friends celebrate their victory? (Page 24)