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1. Who is the Friar that Romeo confides in to get married to Juliet?
2. What is the main reason that Romeo and Juliet want to get married?
3. How does Juliet feel about Romeo when they first meet?
4. What piece of advice does the Nurse give to Juliet about her relationship with Romeo?
5. What does Romeo compare Juliet to when he sees her for the first time?
6. What does Juliet say is the only thing preventing her from marrying Romeo?
7. How does Juliet hope the Nurse will be able to help her marry Romeo?
8. Who is present at the meeting between Romeo and Juliet that the Friar sets up?
9. What plan does the Friar come up with to ensure Romeo and Juliet can be together?
10. How does Romeo promise to worship Juliet after they are married?