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1. In the circus, the lion tamer divided his 12 lions into equal groups of 4. What fraction of the lions did he put into each group?
Answer:  4/12

2. If a clown juggled 3 balls at the same time and completed 8 rotations, what fraction of the performance was complete?
Answer: 8/3

3. If a tightrope walker walked halfway across a 175-metre bridge, what fraction of the bridge did he walk?
Answer: ½

4.If 20 of the 50 jugglers in the circus dropped a ball during their performance, what fraction of jugglers dropped one?
Answer: 20/50

5. If a clown had 12 cupcakes, and she ate 2, what fraction of the cupcakes did she eat?
Answer: 2/12

6. A trapeze artist's first performance was 4 turns around the hoop and she completed 2 turns, what fraction of the performance was completed?
Answer: 2/4

7. The circus clowns ran around the circus ring 5 times, if three clowns were running and two fell of, what fraction of the clowns stayed running?
Answer: 3/5

8. If the strongman lifted 4 weights and somebody said he should lift a fourth one, what fraction of weights did he have to lift?
Answer: 1/4

9. If 32 of the 80 attending audience members clapped after a clown act, what fraction of the audience clapped?
Answer: 32/80

10. If a juggler completed 2 of the 5 tricks he had to do, what fraction of the tricks did he complete?
Answer: 2/5