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  1. Inference: Bud is a resourceful and independent young boy. (Page 3)
  2. Inference: Bud has a strong imagination and uses it to escape from his difficult reality. (Page 5)
  3. Inference: Bud’s mother passed away when he was very young. (Page 7)
  4. Inference: Bud’s foster home is not a pleasant place to live. (Page 10)
  5. Inference: Bud is determined to find his father, even though he has limited information about him. (Page 14)
  6. Inference: Bud is a talented musician and enjoys playing the saxophone. (Page 18)
  7. Inference: Bud is resourceful and knows how to survive on his own. (Page 22)
  8. Inference: Bud is cautious and observant, always looking out for potential dangers. (Page 26)
  9. Inference: Bud is determined to find his father because he believes it will bring him a sense of belonging and stability. (Page 30)
  10. Inference: Bud is resilient and does not easily give up, even when faced with challenges. (Page 34)