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  1. Inference: Michael’s family has recently moved to a new house, as he mentions feeling unfamiliar with his surroundings. (Chapter 1, page 1)
  2. Inference: Michael’s parents are preoccupied with the health of his baby sister, as they frequently visit the hospital. (Chapter 1, page 3)
  3. Inference: Michael is a curious and observant boy, as he notices the strange noises coming from the garage and decides to investigate. (Chapter 2, page 10)
  4. Inference: Michael’s discovery of the mysterious creature in the garage suggests that he has a sense of adventure and is not easily frightened. (Chapter 2, page 15)
  5. Inference: Michael’s parents are too busy with his sister’s health to notice his new friend, Skellig, living in the garage. (Chapter 3, page 23)
  6. Inference: Michael feels a sense of responsibility towards Skellig and decides to keep his existence a secret from his parents and friends. (Chapter 3, page 27)
  7. Inference: Michael’s friendship with Mina, a girl from his school, helps him cope with the stress and worry he feels about his sister’s health. (Chapter 4, page 35)
  8. Inference: Michael’s interest in birds and their migration patterns shows his curiosity about the natural world and his desire to understand it better. (Chapter 4, page 41)
  9. Inference: Michael’s encounters with Skellig and Mina’s philosophical discussions inspire him to question the meaning of life and explore deeper thoughts. (Chapter 5, page 52)
  10. Inference: Michael’s decision to help Skellig and nurse him back to health demonstrates his compassion and empathy towards others, even if they are different or unusual. (Chapter 5, page 59)