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  1. Inference: Parvana’s family lives in a war-torn country, as indicated by the constant presence of soldiers and the destruction of buildings. (Page 3)
  2. Inference: Parvana’s father used to be a teacher, as he carries a book with him and values education. (Page 7)
  3. Inference: Parvana’s mother is resourceful and determined, as she finds creative ways to make money, such as sewing and selling items. (Page 12)
  4. Inference: Parvana’s older sister, Nooria, dreams of going to university, as she is studying hard and saving money for her education. (Page 17)
  5. Inference: Parvana’s family is struggling financially, as they have to ration food and cannot afford to buy new clothes. (Page 21)
  6. Inference: Parvana’s younger brother, Ali, is too young to understand the severity of the situation in their country, as he innocently plays with his toy cars. (Page 26)
  7. Inference: Parvana’s father is well-respected in the community, as people seek his advice and guidance. (Page 32)
  8. Inference: Parvana’s mother is worried about the safety of her family, as she constantly reminds them to be cautious and avoid drawing attention to themselves. (Page 37)
  9. Inference: Parvana’s family is forced to adapt to the changing circumstances, as they convert their home into a small shop to make a living. (Page 42)
  10. Inference: Parvana’s father is arrested by the Taliban, as he is accused of being an educated man and a threat to their regime. (Page 48)