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  1. Inference: Lightning Girl, the main character, has a unique ability related to lightning. (Page 1)
  2. Inference: Lightning Girl’s real name is Lucy Callahan. (Page 3)
  3. Inference: Lucy’s lightning strike at age eight caused her to develop extraordinary math skills. (Page 5)
  4. Inference: Lucy’s math skills are so advanced that she can calculate complex equations in her head. (Page 10)
  5. Inference: Lucy’s grandmother, Nana, is her primary caregiver. (Page 15)
  6. Inference: Lucy’s grandmother encourages her to interact with other kids her age. (Page 20)
  7. Inference: Lucy’s new school, Clarksville Middle School, has a math competition called Mathletes. (Page 25)
  8. Inference: Lucy’s classmates are initially skeptical of her abilities and nickname her “Lightning Girl.” (Page 30)
  9. Inference: Lucy’s friendship with Windy, a classmate, helps her feel more accepted and included. (Page 35)
  10. Inference: Lucy’s participation in Mathletes helps her gain confidence and make new friends. (Page 40)