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  1. Inference: Mole is a curious and adventurous character because he decides to explore the outside world after being cooped up in his underground home for so long. (Chapter 11, page 85)
  2. Inference: Rat is a kind and helpful friend because he offers to teach Mole how to row a boat and takes him on exciting river adventures. (Chapter 12, page 92)
  3. Inference: Toad is a mischievous and impulsive character because he gets easily bored and constantly seeks new and exciting experiences. (Chapter 12, page 97)
  4. Inference: Badger is a wise and respected animal in the community because other animals seek his advice and guidance when faced with problems. (Chapter 12, page 101)
  5. Inference: Toad’s obsession with motorcars shows his desire for speed and excitement, as well as his tendency to become easily infatuated with new fads. (Chapter 12, page 105)
  6. Inference: The animals’ loyalty and friendship towards Toad is evident when they come together to help him escape from prison and reclaim Toad Hall. (Chapter 13, page 119)
  7. Inference: The animals’ determination to save Toad Hall from the weasels and stoats shows their strong sense of community and their willingness to fight for what is rightfully theirs. (Chapter 13, page 126)
  8. Inference: Mole’s love for his home and his desire to protect it is demonstrated when he bravely faces the weasels and stoats to defend Toad Hall. (Chapter 13, page 130)
  9. Inference: The animals’ celebration and joy after reclaiming Toad Hall shows the importance of unity and teamwork in achieving success. (Chapter 14, page 137)
  10. Inference: The story teaches us the value of friendship, loyalty, and the importance of standing up for what is right, as demonstrated by the characters’ actions throughout the book. (Chapter 14, page 142)